Mojito Frozen Cocktail

This Cuban classic is one of the most famous cocktails out there. This rum-based cocktail is very popular because of the refreshing combination of lime and mint. The cocktail, like most Cuban cocktails, is based on rum and is traditionally made with lime juice, cane sugar, soda water and fresh mint. Of course, the drink is finished with a large amount of ice. This world-famous mix can not be missed in the 24 ICE frozen cocktails range!

‘Cuban classic with the natural
fresh flavors of lime and mint ‘


There is still no clear theory about the origins of this cocktail. The Mojito certainly originated in Havana, Cuba. Some claim that the cocktail was used as a medicine by 16th century sailors. Some people attributed medicinal effects to the combination of ingredients. There are also people who are convinced that the Mojito originates from the 19th century Cuban cane sugar plantations.

Also the history of the name of the refreshing cocktail is disputed. It is said that Mojito is derived from the African ‘mojo’ which means something like ‘magic’ or ‘magical power’. Also the Spanish ‘mojado’, which means ‘wet’, could be the basis for Mojito. 

Frozen cocktails

The Mojito certainly has a long and complicated history. But what really matters, of course, is the taste! The delicious combination of flavors perfectly suits an ice-cold variant. Therefore, 24 ICE has turned the classic Mojito into a frozen cocktail. A popsicle with alcohol! A dream come true for Mojito and ice lovers. In addition, the frozen Mojito ICE push-up cocktail contains only 53 calories!

‘Cuban classic with the natural
fresh flavors of lime and mint ’

In collaboration with De Kuyper Royal Distillers 24 ICE has developed frozen cocktails in the flavors Mojito ICE, Strawberry Daiquiri ICE, Limoncello ICE, Pina Colada ICE and Vodka Energy ICE. In order to fully enjoy our 24 ICE frozen cocktails, they must be frozen at a minimum of -18°C (normal freezer) and consumed when they are completely frozen.


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