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During the Anuga fair last October, we met a lot of potential partners, which resulted in new business all over the globe. In the upcoming weeks, we will introduce you to new markets and partners.

This week we will start with the Chinese market by introducing you to our new distributor: Best Noah Supply Chain Management.

Best Noah Supply Chain Management is based in Shenzhen, located in the south of China, near Hong Kong, and part of the Pearl River Delta (the largest metropolis in the world). Their main office is located in Switzerland. Retailers Best Noah supplies are China Resources Enterprise Limited, Walmart China, Olé supermarket and hypermarket chain Sam’s Club.


Best Noah has arranged listings in Olé supermarkets and Sam’s Club where we will start introducing our products to Chinese customers.

Olé is one of China’s high-end supermarket chains. At Olé, we will offer the mix 5-pack using our Floor Displays. 24 ICE Frozen Cocktails are impulse goods, experience has shown that Floor Displays create more awareness and increase sales figures.

Sam’s club is a high-end chain, of membership-only retail warehouse clubs, owned and operated by Walmart Inc. At Sam’s Club, we will offer our mix-package as a 10-pack, in trays of 12 sets. We will introduce the products to Sam’s members, by sampling the products (tastings) with a promotional team.

In April, the first containers will leave our warehouse, meaning we start the introduction by the end of May. In a country that has a population of over 1.4 billion people, we trust that we can at least find one new 24 ICE fan!