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24 ICE enters the Egyptian market

During Anuga (leading food fair) last October, we met a lot of potential partners all around the world, resulting in profitable new business opportunities all over the Globe. As mentioned in previous articles, we will introduce you to these new markets and partners one by one. In our latest article, we introduced the Chinese market, and next up is Egypt. We are happy to introduce you to our new distributor: Almashreq Gardens For Import & Trading (‘Almashreq’)

Almashreq was founded in 2012 to bring the best food and beverage products to Egypt. The company does business with a selected group of the most prestigious food product companies in Europe and Asia in order to provide the Egyptian market with the highest quality products. Through its extensive distribution network, the company delivers its imported products to the biggest hotel chains, restaurants, supermarkets and hypermarket chains in Cairo and the rest of the country. The company maintains ongoing communication with these outlets in order to guarantee the availability of its imported products and trademarks to its loyal customer base in the Egyptian market. The mission of Almashreq is to change the Egyptian market with high-value products.

Non-alcoholic beverages are a worldwide trend. This fall, NielsenIQ reported that sales of non-alcoholic beverages spiked by 33% to $331 million. We have anticipated on this trend by creating a Frozen Mocktail.

Almashreq Gardens imported 24 ICE 0.0% Mojito and 0.0% Strawberry Daiquiri 5-packs. The products are available in Egyptian retail: Almahalawy store, Al Raya store, El Far store, Spinneys, El Baraka Mall, Panda market, tagamo3 store, Royal House store and Flamingo market.

The products have been available on the Egyptian market for several months now.  According to our distributor, the products are well received and sales are going well.