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Following the successful launch of Boswandeling ICE, 24 ICE has launched another new flavour!

24 ICE is expanding its standard range of products with a poptail full of passion: Pornstar Martini! 

UK’s most popular cocktail, now as a poptail. 

Outside the Netherlands, according to our distributors, there is a high demand for Pornstar Martini. For example, UK distributor Enjoy Drinks, Irish distributor Kelly Hunter and Norwegian distributor Vinkooperativet have already placed their first orders. 

The Pornstar Martini has taken the title of ‘most popular cocktail in the UK’ from the Mojito (CGA report, 2019). We are convinced this cheeky flavour will be yet another tropical hit this summer, just like our Mojito flavour. 

The Pornstar Martini contains natural flavours, 65 ml per stick, 5% alcohol and 56 calories. 

Available in 5-pack and 50-pack for on and off-trade. 

How does it taste?

The Frozen Cocktail Pornstar Martini is vodka based and has the sweet taste of passion fruit and vanilla.

How does it work?

Freeze the liquid sticks at a temperature below -18 °C (standard freezer). Pornstar Martini tastes best when completely frozen.