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Time to announce a new collaboration overseas: Israel! 

For more than two years, we have been in contact with David Dahan, owner of Food Leader. Food Leader is a distributor in Israel and focuses on wholesale and retail. To let David and his company serve all Israeli consumers, we had to change our frozen cocktails into Kosher certified products. This took quite some time and effort, like changing our recipes and packaging and letting a Rabbi observe our production process.

Many commercial foods are certified Kosher, meaning that they contain only kosher ingredients. “Kosher” is a term used to describe foods that comply with dietary guidelines set by traditional Jewish law. These laws determine which foods may be consumed and how they must be produced, processed and prepared.
Despite the fact that there are plenty of shops and restaurants offering non-Kosher products, most supermarket chains and all hotels in Israel offer Kosher only products. 

To receive such a certificate, we welcomed the Rabbi to our production factory to observe the operation and the feasibility of certifying our products. The Rabbi toured the plant and filed a written report, with the approval of Kosher. Not only our recipes had to be changed, but we also had to add the Super Kosher logo to our packaging label and translate the text to Hebrew. It did not stop with the sticks, also the packs and boxes needed a Kosher make-over. 

Production started in April and the first 40’ft containers are shipped. The Next step is to expand to the global Kosher market in cooperation with our partner Food Leader. 

24 ICE, תרועות (cheers)