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As you’re all aware, there were no festivals or events last summer. The lockdown required a 180° turnaround in our way of doing business. Yet we have managed to achieve a 65% increase in revenues from our retail distribution channels, massive development in our export branch and launched three new products! Curious about how we did this?

Focussing on retail: “Bring summer into your home”

Retail was one of our few distribution channels to witness an increase in sales during the Corona period. Therefore, we have shifted our focus to this distribution channel. With our Marketing Campaign ‘Bring summer into your home”, we have managed to achieve a revenue increase of 65% compared to 2019.

Export to Asia: 24 ICE now available in 7-Eleven

Our export had a big boost despite the restrictions of the pandemic. This summer, 24 ICE products have been made available for purchase in all 5500 ‘7-Eleven’ stores in Taiwan. Our products are now for sale in 20 countries, both offline and online.

Next to Taiwan, we are also expanding to Ireland and Belgium, where we managed to achieve high market penetration in retail distribution channels.

Product expansion: something to offer for everyone 

This year we have launched three new products and an accompanying video shoot. We used this video for our international Social Media channels. Also advertised the video on the channels of Talpa Network, a well-known Dutch media broadcasting company.

  • Two 0.0% cocktail editions in Mojito and Strawberry Daiquiri flavours.
  • And the ‘Gin & Tonic Frozen Cocktail’.

Our vision for the future

By focussing on possibilities, rather than difficulties, we have overcome this challenge. We are very proud of this year’s results and are looking forward to 2021. A year when hopefully you can dance and party again, in the bright sunlight. If not, we will bring summer back into your home again!

Cheers to the future (and stay healthy)

Team 24 ICE