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In February 2019, a unique collaboration between 24 ICE and FLS Company was signed. FLS Company, the company behind the well-known brands Flügel, Boswandeling and Rocket Shot, entered into a Co-Branding partnership for the first time in their 25 years of existence. In 2019, the result of this co-branding was launched in the form of the Frozen Cocktail: Flügel ICE.

FLS Company and 24 ICE got to know each other during the 2017 Household Fair in the RAI. 24 ICE was present at the 9-day fair for the first time and introduced 250,000 enthusiastic ladies to a new concept within the beverage industry: Frozen Cocktails with 5% alcohol.

Jesper Gutteling (Co-Founder 24 ICE): “FLS Company was our neighbour as an exhibitor at the Dutch Fair: “Huishoudbeurs” and our match in target group quickly became clear. Partly because of this, we immediately had a good click with FLS ”. As a result of this first meeting and match in the target group, both parties showed interest in a potential collaboration for the first time in 2018. Pim Leeflang (Marketing Manager, FLS Company): “We agreed with the premium image of 24 ICE. Partly because of this, we had the feeling that 24 ICE could deliver on how we envisioned the collaboration ”. Thus, the development of the flavours and the design could begin.

At the end of 2018, the perfect recipe was found for the Flügel pop tail with 5% alcohol and agreement was reached on the design of the packaging with both logos.

Stephan van Dorst (Co-Owner, FLS Company) was then able to sign this unique collaboration. Stephan van Dorst: “During our meetings, the mutual trust started to grow. We noticed that we were headed in the same direction, and 24 ICE agreed with our vision of the Flügel brand ”. For 24 ICE, this was a great step in the development of expanding the brand portfolio.

Nick van Kampen (Co-Founder, 24 ICE): “There is not a person in the Netherlands who does not know the Flügel shot with the yellow cap. Who has not grown up with it? This collaboration gave the reputation of 24 ICE a nice boost ”.

The Flügel poptail looks slick and tastes exactly like a Flügel shot. The emergence of Frozen Cocktails as a product was a great way for FLS to draw extra attention to all Flügel fans in the summer months in an innovative way.

In the meantime, the Flügel pop tails can no longer be ignored in Dutch and Belgian liquor stores and catering establishments during the summer months.

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